Cheesecake should be a diet food

It doesn’t have to be sliced to count as a cheesecake. Remove sides of pan before serving and serve slightly chilled. I hope you can implement one or more of these tips this Shavuos. But we have to warn you that if you have more than just one slice, it’s no longer “skinny. Ingredients 1… Read More »

Taking a swim in cold water may help protect us against dementia

Swimming in cold water could help to protect the human brain from dementia, a study has suggested. Researchers from the University of Cambridge believe a so-called ‘cold-shock’ protein may hold the key to developing treatments that delay the onset of degenerative conditions. Production of the protein RBM3 appeared to be triggered in mice when their… Read More »

Gluten free acid reflux diet

I hope this lesson helped you better understand how gluten intolerance can affect more than just your intestinal tract. It is written with your needs in mind but is not a substitute for consulting with your physician or other health care providers. As this tearing and mixing happens, stomach acids will inevitably splash around and… Read More »