Four men develop life-threatening condition after receiving AstraZeneca jab – symptoms

Dr Christopher Allen, a clinical neuroscientist at Nottingham University, who wrote the article, acknowledged that the jury is out at this stage whether the jab caused the deadly syndrome and it could merely be association. But it demonstrates the need for “robust post-vaccination surveillance” nonetheless, he said. He stressed that the current crop of vaccines… Read More »

Love is the strongest medicine [PODCAST]

“We know this is true in our hearts and minds, but we also know it to be true in documentable terms. Studies have proven that strong, empathic engagement between doctors and their patients increases patients’ willingness to report symptoms and concerns. That in turn improves diagnostic accuracy. Empathy increases patient engagement and compliance. Some studies… Read More »

What does amal carb diet

At the Venice Film Festival earlier this month, Amal Clooney,human rights attorney and spouse to George, looked as slim and elegant as ever during her first red carpet appearance since giving birth to twins!! According to sources, Clooney owes it all to fish. In addition to eating tons of fish, Clooney also has seaweed soup… Read More »

Harvard Medical School professor discusses future of psychedelics

Interest in psychedelics as therapeutics has risen in recent years, spurred by studies that have found that the once-maligned drugs used in conjunction with therapy can help in the treatment of psychiatric patients. Amid a rush to commercialize a suite of newly developed products, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has begun a new Center for the… Read More »