How to Diagnose and Treat Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA), the most common form of arthritis, is a degenerative joint disease that affects 32.5 million U.S. adults.1 Worldwide, about 595 million people are living with the condition, a 132% increase since 1990.2 Osteoarthritis occurs when the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of your bones wears down over time. Although osteoarthritis can damage… Read More »

Beyond Medicine: ‘Being Mortal’ Challenges Healthcare’s Approach to Death and Dying

This video from the “Frontline” series, titled “Being Mortal,” follows Dr. Atul Gawande as he explores the complex relationships between doctors, patients, and end-of-life decisions. Based on his best-selling book “Being Mortal,” Gawande discusses how medical training often falls short in preparing doctors for the realities of death and dying. The documentary highlights personal stories,… Read More »

Why Constipation Is on the Rise

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published August 30, 2017. For most people, an occasional bout of constipation is a minor aggravation. However, this is not the case for the nearly 12% to 19% of the U.S. population suffering from chronic constipation.1 This means 63 million people have difficulty passing hard,… Read More »