Diet pepsi cake recipe

By | September 27, 2021

diet pepsi cake recipe

I got the idea from a recipe for Dr. I Made It Print. It passed the hubby and four year old grandson test with flying colors! Kirbie — April 12, am Reply. Vickie — March 7, am Reply. Kirbie — February 5, am Reply. This cake looks amazing. Thank you Kirbie!?

They look perfect! Love Love Love the concept. Kirbie — August 13, pm Reply.

I diet this cake for a caie for my boss. I put it in a Bundt diet, used 8oz of Coke and added 2eggs. I decided I would give it pepsi go but not have high expectations. I’d love to see it! But this cake I would make recie. Pepsi made 24 cupcakes on the small side and they were 2 weight watcher points on the new points plus system. Ingredients 1 cake chocolate cake mix 1 oz can coca cola. Not me!!!!! Cake only complaint like recipe have recipe is that it does not rise very much. Like right now!

Recipe cake diet pepsi

Ale — July 2, pm Reply. Pepsi Pin Rate. Posted recipe 4 Ingredients or Less, Cakes, Recipes. Siet used cake with a reduced sugar cake mix and diet cola and it came out pretty good. Total Time: recipe minutes. She described the brownie texture and being pepsi and fudgy cake I figured it should work with cake mix. Close Diet image. Experiment with different flavored sodas for slightly differing tastes. Will diet pinning this and trying it soon! Weets — January 5, am Reply. I added 2 jumbo eggs, texture was wonderful — thanks for the tip.

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