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Reported ransomware attack leads to weeks of Aprima EHR outages

A reported ransomware attack on the CompuGroup Medical data center partner, MedNetwoRX, has impeded some customers’ access to their Aprima electronic health record systems for more than two weeks.   According to emails forwarded to Healthcare IT News, the disruption began on April 22 – and some hosted Aprima clients are still waiting for service to… Read More »

Diet to prevent a heart attack

A nurse shares her top recovery tips for young cardiac patients Pauline is a nurse and shares advice for young people who have heart a heart event hearh are recovering from surgery This is because fatty foods contain an prevent type of cholesterol. These harder vegetable fats and shortenings prevrnt used by the food industry… Read More »

Fury over anti-masker’s ‘disgusting attack’

Victoria’s chief police commissioner has torn into anti-maskers who think they’re above the law, slamming the foolish behaviour as “unacceptable, selfish and an arrogant approach”. It comes after police revealed a 26-year-old constable allegedly had her head smashed into the ground several times by a Melbourne woman who refused to wear a face mask. Commissioner… Read More »