Veganism not a diet

By | November 13, 2021

veganism not a diet

The new year brings with it a whole variety of resolutions. Of these, some people will be taking part in Veganuary, in an attempt to practice veganism for the month of January. One of the key aspects of veganism is adhering to an entirely plant-based diet. This means no animal products, so wave goodbye to that flame-grilled steak. The vegan diet might seem like a relatively simple concept, but the discussion around the supposed health and nutritional benefits or disadvantages is far from. Those looking at switching may be curious as to whether, or how, it could impact their health. But in an age of pseudoscience and misinformation, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. We recently asked our readers what they already knew about vegan diets, health and nutrition and what they wanted to know.

All foods fit. Unconditional permission to eat. Food freedom. No foods off limits. Sound familiar? These are the mantras of the anti-diet world and they totally rock. But how does veganism fit into that? Veganism is a lifestyle based on ethics and the belief that animals should not be harmed or exploited by humans. Vegans abstain from consuming animals and their products in the form of food, clothing and cosmetics; vegans eschew products tested on animals; vegans do not attend or support animal-exploitative events or industries or such as rodeos, circuses and zoos.

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