Gluten free diet and autism

By | March 31, 2021

gluten free diet and autism

By Kelley L. Parents of children with autism often feel a sense of urgency to find a treatment that will help their children realize their fullest potential and live an independent life. This sometimes makes families anxious to try new treatments that tout promising claims, and makes them impatient to wait on scientific evidence to support these claims. Additionally, Perrin et al. The exact etiology of autism is still unknown, leading researchers to consider many possible factors, diet being one. Food restriction as a strategy for changing behavior is not new, with research dating back to the s. Panksepp proposed that symptoms of autism may be due to excessive opioid activity.

June 23, Recent clinical trials looking at gluten-free diets for children with autism spectrum disorder ASD are showing benefits worth considering. Typical indicators of autism spectrum in children may include delayed speech, lack of eye contact, impaired or non-present social skills, shyness, obsessive-type behaviors, delayed gross or fine motor skills, sensory integration issues sound and touch sensitivity, etc. Commonly overlooked, however, are the physical and medical conditions many of these children face. Many of these children also have food allergies and eczema, general gastrointestinal distress, constipation and diarrhea, yeast overgrowth candida, immune system dysregulation, and sleep disturbances. Clinical trials for nutritional intervention are increasing and showing promise in being very beneficial for addressing core symptoms of autism. Research suggests that the gut lining becomes inflamed and compromised due to an unhealthy combination of bacteria in the bowels.

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Should you place your child on the GFCF diet in the first place? Finally, GFCF diets may be associated with health risks because they are often associated with diminished essential nutrients. Contrary to this study, Robertson and colleagues found no gastrointestinal differences between children with intellectual or developmental disabilities and typically-developing children. When the gastrointestinal barrier function is disrupted as is described in “leaky gut” above, there is an increased passage of dietary and microbial antigens interacting with cells of the immune system, which causes inflammation. Because children with ASD are likely to consume a limited diet that includes a preference for snack foods, a GFCF diet may simply result in the consumption of a more nutritiously balanced diet because it likely eliminates foods low in fiber or high in fat and increases the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The exact etiology of autism is still unknown, leading researchers to consider many possible factors, diet being one. These hormones are not always good for a growing child. That said, while the GFCF diet has been used in the autism community for a couple of decades, there is minimal evidence that it improves autism-related behaviors. Cooking with your Child with Autism.

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