Preeclampsia low protein diet

By | October 23, 2020

preeclampsia low protein diet

It involves high protein levels in the urine and swelling edema in addition to high blood pressure. Ultimately, these symptoms can affect blood flow and nutrient transfer to your baby and risk of other complications, including preterm birth. There is more than one cause of high blood pressure and not all cases can be prevented or managed with lifestyle choices, however there are some evidence based lifestyle choices that can help. This article will review 5 research-backed strategies to reduce your risk of preeclampsia. Contrary to conventional advice, reducing your salt intake often does not lower blood pressure and it also does not reduce the risk of preeclampsia.

To diagnose preeclampsia, you have to have high blood pressure and one or more of the following complications after the 20th week of pregnancy. Previously, preeclampsia was only diagnosed if high blood pressure and protein in the urine were present. However, experts now know that it’s possible to have preeclampsia, yet never have protein in the urine. However, a single high blood pressure reading doesn’t mean you have preeclampsia. If you have one reading in the abnormal range — or a reading that’s substantially higher than your usual blood pressure — your doctor will closely observe your numbers. Having a second abnormal blood pressure reading four hours after the first may confirm your doctor’s suspicion of preeclampsia. Your doctor may have you come in for additional blood pressure readings and blood and urine tests.

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