Pro athletes diet plan

By | July 11, 2020

pro athletes diet plan

Figure Skating. Your blood sugar is already low when you wake up, so you should have something carb-laden to eat, like half a bagel or some toast, as soon as you get out of bed. That way, 30 to 45 minutes will have passed before you actually head out the door. If you’re not used to eating in the morning, start small, says Benardot. Drink a glass of apple juice before your workouts until your stomach adjusts, and then add in a piece of toast.

Dinner is a good time to load up, but don’t overstuff yourself or it might interfere with sleep. By adding some substance to your morning routine, you’re breaking your fast, stabilizing your blood sugar and starting your day off right. The foods you consume actually become you — as the building blocks for your muscles, connective tissue and bones. Drink lots of liquids. If you want to be the best, then you have to fuel your body with the best foods. Eat like Christine Ohuruogu.

These athletes run on diets very different than those of the average American. It’s no coincidence many of them are among the very best at what they do. Players might’ve been able to eat junk in college and slide by on talent and skill, but when they arrive in the big leagues, the Cheetohs and chimichanga diet no longer cuts it. Professional teams spend big bucks making sure their players fuel up the right way, and many pro athletes employ personal chefs to ensure they always have access to healthy meals. However, a few pros stand alone for their extreme dedication to nutrition. These nineteen pro athletes with ridiculously strict diets will make you think twice about what it means to eat healthy. To survive, a pro athlete’s nutrition has to be on point. He graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelor’s degree in English.

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