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Four men develop life-threatening condition after receiving AstraZeneca jab – symptoms

Dr Christopher Allen, a clinical neuroscientist at Nottingham University, who wrote the article, acknowledged that the jury is out at this stage whether the jab caused the deadly syndrome and it could merely be association. But it demonstrates the need for “robust post-vaccination surveillance” nonetheless, he said. He stressed that the current crop of vaccines… Read More »

Number of visits to government’s vaccine site spiked after CDC released new mask guidance 

Number of visits to US government’s vaccine website spiked by 22% after CDC released new mask guidance for Americans who got their COVID shot On May 13, the CDC announced that Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19 could take off their masks outdoors and in most indoor settings Shortly after Biden tweeted the news that same… Read More »

Dozens arrested after pro-Israeli and Palestinian protesters clash in NYC

The clashes on Thursday afternoon and evening began in Times Square and spread to the Diamond District, a small neighbourhood south of Rockefeller Center that is home to many Jewish-owned businesses, as Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease-fire after days of fighting that killed more than 230 people in Gaza and 12 in Israel.… Read More »