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High cholesterol symptoms: The ‘minor growths’ on your face that indicate high levels

High cholesterol is when you have too much of a fatty substance called cholesterol in your blood. Cholesterol can build up in your arteries, which, over time, can cause a blockage. Depending on where this happens, it may trigger a stroke or a heart attack. Unfortunately, the only way of accurately identifying high cholesterol is… Read More »

James Martin health: Chef recalls the ‘mean tweets’ about his disorder – symptoms

James Martin always appears relaxed and in his element on ITV‘s James Martin’s Saturday Morning. The show sees him cook up a treat for celebrity guests every week. While he makes it look easy, aspects of presenting have proven slightly more challenging for the TV chef. “But I can’t read autocue. If I read it… Read More »

Four men develop life-threatening condition after receiving AstraZeneca jab – symptoms

Dr Christopher Allen, a clinical neuroscientist at Nottingham University, who wrote the article, acknowledged that the jury is out at this stage whether the jab caused the deadly syndrome and it could merely be association. But it demonstrates the need for “robust post-vaccination surveillance” nonetheless, he said. He stressed that the current crop of vaccines… Read More »

Keto diet symptoms first week

With a well-lubed mouth and gullet, I put together a delicious egg, guacamole, and sausage pattie stack—a meal suggestion first a keto app—and then head to the gym. Temporary hair loss. The Primary Causes of These Keto Conundrums After learning about all keto these side effects, you may be wondering week the keto diet can… Read More »