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Is Zinc Deficiency Behind the Dramatic Spike in Yeast Infections?

Three out of four women will have a vaginal yeast infection in their lifetime and an estimated 140 million women worldwide suffer recurrent infections.1 Recurrent infections can have a significantly detrimental impact on quality of life, and because resistance against existing treatments is on the rise, women are in dire need of viable treatment alternatives.… Read More »

Indian and other ‘variants of concern’ behind a quarter of Covid cases in London

Indian Covid variant may already be dominant in Britain and has grown ‘exponentially’ since March, SAGE warns… but cases are only rising in THREE out of 23 hotspots and experts say mutant strains won’t be ‘disaster’ first feared Documents published by SAGE said B.1.617.2 strain likely made up ‘majority’ of the UK’s infections by mid-May… Read More »

Covid-19: Nearly all 50 English constituencies lagging behind in vaccine rollout are Labour

How 46 of the 50 constituencies of England with the worst Covid vaccine uptake are LABOUR EXCLUSIVE: NHS England figures show 66.8% of over-65s in Birmingham Ladywood have received a first jab  47 of the top 50 constituencies in England for vaccine uptake among over-65s are Conservative strongholds  Experts say Tory areas tend to have… Read More »