Kimkins diet food list

I appreciate the reasonableness of this article. I signed up for Kimkins in when that article in WW magazine came out. I lost 28 pounds in a month. And this was even with a few cheat days. I always thought a reasonable person could make Kimkins work for them safely as long as they didn’t… Read More »

Infected doctor worked at three clinics

A doctor who worked at three medical clinics while potentially infectious with coronavirus is in isolation. The Victorian health department announced on Saturday the GP was one of eight of the latest COVID-19 cases. The male GP is asymptomatic and caught the virus from a close contact, who also showed no symptoms. RELATED: China’s coronavirus… Read More »

Is eating popsicles good for dieting

Link Copied. HAHA, I really hope you are joking. The question isn’t how much you’ll LOSE by only eating popsicles, but rather how much you’ll gain back once your metabolism craps out. What is the “Ice Cube Diet”? How much weight do you think one would lose eating just popsicles for about a week? Make… Read More »