Vendor Vetting & Management in a COVID World

By | August 16, 2020

In what can be considered the old days, health system executives could interview prospective new vendors face to face, where they could observe body language, eye contact, and many other cues to determine if the vendor in front of them was the right fit. In today’s COVID-19 world, of course, everything has changed. Now, hospitals must establish relationships with new (and continue those with old) vendors online only. In this important webinar, we’ll discuss how health systems and vendors are learning to work together in a remote environment. We’ll also specifically look at such interaction as it pertains to data archiving and application sunsetting projects.


  • Joe Beahm, Manager, IT Operations, Sentara Healthcare
  • Stephanie LeMay, Program Manager – Enterprise Data Archiving, Maine Medical Center
  • Carrie Smallwood, Director, PMO, MediQuant

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