Big bird plant based diet

The adjective “herbivorous” her-BIH-vore-us; rhymes with “deliver us” and “purr shiver us” describes a diet composed primarily of plant material which may include seeds, grasses, grain, buds, nuts, fruit, nectar, leaves, tubers, sap, pollen, and algae. While many birds include a variety of plant materials in their diets, to be considered herbivorous their diet must… Read More »

Leg cramps on low carb diet

However, there leg possibly cramps a slight increase in the risk of gout during the first few weeks on a strict low-carb diet. This alone may normalize cholesterol levels. If so, this may low repeated once daily if needed carb the first week. When on a strict low-carb diet people may need significantly less alcohol… Read More »

Is wine ok on a keto diet

Reading this PureWow article. The funny thing about alcohol is that we digest it very differently than other calories. Your experience may vary, so keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels if you choose to consume one of their flavored vodkas. I’m able hold out much longer during the work day with nothing… Read More »

Pie chart food diet

Butternut Squash Lasagna Rolls are filled with cheese and spinach, topped with a creamy butternut-parmesan cheese sauce and of course, more cheese! Too much of many foods is not good. Help your child learn what and how much to eat to maintain their health with this nutrition game. It is a simple visual guide designed… Read More »