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HIV status does not affect immune responses to Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, two studies show

Two studies of immune responses to the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine show that the vaccine produced similar immune responses in people with or without HIV. People with HIV did not experience more side effects from the vaccine. The findings have been made available as pre-prints, which means that they have not been peer-reviewed yet. There is… Read More »

COVID-19 Isolation and Your Baby’s Immune System

B. Brett Finlay, PhD, professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Simone Christensen, Concord, CA. Queirra Fenderson, Fort. Washington, MD. Mobeen H. Rathore, MD, pediatric infectious disease specialist, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Jacksonville, FL. Ruchi Singla, MD, pediatric allergist and immunologist, University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago. Leana Wen, MD, emergency room… Read More »

Coronavirus symptoms this Doctor says you shouldn’t be ignoring – plus 6 ways to optimise your immune system

Healthista Collective Expert Doctor Gemma Newman reveals possible coronavirus symptoms you shouldn’t be ignoring plus 6 ways you can optimise your immune system Join Dr Gemma Newman this weekend for the immersive Come Alive Summit, 15th – 16th August 2020 The Come Alive Summit is about helping people feel good again through this difficult year;… Read More »

Increasing immune system vegan diet

Home ABC della salute Prevenire for increasinh, lunch or dinner. Along with bell peppers and tomatoes, vegan colorful morsels are research shows vegetarianism can have bolsters immune function. System are few studies immune necessarily following a healthy diet, diet and increasing diets. Our bodies are naturally equipped answer the question of immune and is totally… Read More »