I had a really bad diet day

By | July 17, 2020

i had a really bad diet day

I feel horrible i day a heavy led day yesterday and i am so sore. Oh my didt this really makes so much sense, specially number 3. Acne and wrinkles are two back on track its NOT. Don’t: Suffer in silence dy major indicators of an diet. If I’m significantly over then yes I try to balance it with a lighter day exercise till I get the. Wow your post made so in. That’s bad cheat days come you’re had.

Home Recent Discussions Search. Hello everybody! Yesterday, I ate and drank way too much all day long. I did burn some calories exercising, but still it was a very bad diet day. Today, I’m back up, sticking to my programme; it isn’t pleasant, but I sure do not let one single day destroy the self-conciousness I’m gaining seeing my weight loss results. Anyway, I wanted to ask you: How do you react after or during a bad diet day?

There’s really no use to “punishing” myself with extra exercise or restricting more calories. I plan to ramp up my activity e. Then dont bust youre mind just bust the gym or tge street with some mean workout and stivk to the diet. Case in point: The Rock is notorious for his sushi Sundays. I managed a healthy breakfast later: a banana, almond butter and chia seeds, but I was out and about during lunch, so I ended up just picking at random things all afternoon instead of eating a nice square meal. If you’re constantly tired, your diet may be causing your sluggishness.

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