Epic connects with HCSC on payer data exchange platform

By | June 22, 2020

Health Care Service Corporation, a licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association with some 16 million members covered by health plans in five states, announced this week that it is working with Epic to build a bi-directional exchange platform to connect payers with providers.

The collaboration, which HCSC says is the first such initiative between Epic and a large insurer, aims to create a secure and interconnected information exchange between insurers, providers and patients.

Together, HCSC and Epic will develop what they’re calling the Payer Platform for two-way exchange of information between HCSC health plans and providers who use Epic – enabling them to review patient data, streamline administrative processes such as prior authorizations, develop care-management strategies and identify gaps in care.

The platform is scheduled to launch later this year for select providers and health systems across HCSC’s five states who already use Epic – which is in place at two-thirds of providers nationwide and whose records cover 250 million individuals.

HCSC says this collaboration offers the opportunity to streamline care across the entire health ecosystem, especially as its network providers, hospital partners and plan members continue to grapple with COVID-19.

It says the Payer Platform will boost interoperability and promote integration between insurers and providers on behalf of patients, helping to avoid duplication of testing and streamlining administrative tasks while streamlining care continuity and improving quality.

“This relationship connects the provider, the payer, and the patient in a trusted network,” said Alan Hutchison, vice president of population health at Epic. “It will enable a more robust, data-driven approach to improving patient health. It will also streamline administrative processes such as the authorization process for providers, so patients can receive more timely access to appropriate care.”

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“Sharing insights between payers and providers at the point of care is a great way to make a real difference in patient care and lower health costs,” said Krishna Ramachandran, vice president of provider performance at HCSC. “This agreement will help advance access to a truly integrated value-based care delivery system, while giving our providers and members actionable information to make more informed care decisions.”

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