Turkey bacon ok for low sodium diet?

By | July 11, 2020

turkey bacon ok for low sodium diet?

While it does have fewer calories and less saturated fat than bacon made from pork, turkey bacon is still a processed meat product. Since it contains saturated fat, sodium, and nitrates, it should be eaten in moderation. Two slices of turkey bacon contain anywhere from 2. People on a low-sodium diet may need to be mindful of how much turkey bacon they consume. Sodium content may vary by brand, but most turkey bacon contains minimally lower amounts than pork. Other nutrients in turkey bacon include small amounts of B vitamins and zinc. Certain vitamins, like selenium, vitamin B12, and niacin, are more abundant in regular bacon. Compared to pork bacon, turkey bacon does offer some advantages, particularly when it comes to fat content.

Preparation 12 oz: Recommended Heating Directions Skillet : Place turkey bacon in single layer in unheated skillet. When you’re dieting, every calorie counts, and you should try to get as many essential nutrients as you can along with each calorie consumed. We believe that everyone deserves the right to delicious turkey raised responsibly without any compromises. UPC High saturated fat content contributes to heart disease.

Low diet? for sodium bacon turkey ok

You can cook it the bacon is made with larger turkey thighs, which are tumbled in a flavoring solution until they cohere into a mass. The second version of turkey same way as traditional bacon chunks of dark meat from.

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