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The Digital Home: A Platform for Health, via Deloitte and the COVID-19 “Stress Test”

Wherever you live in the world touched by the coronavirus pandemic, you felt (and were) stress-tested. Both you were, and your home was as well. In this year’s 2021 annual report by Deloitte into Connectivity & Mobile Trends, their report details How the pandemic has stress-tested the crowded digital home. This analysis was done, as… Read More »

Udderly delightful: How cow cuddling can relieve stress and boost mental health

In these Pandemic-changed times, availing of any form of feel-good therapy seems like a wise idea. The particular practitioner I am going to see has unusual colouring, with hair the colour of coffee macchiato and she’s a heavyweight in her field, tipping the scales at around 600kg. othing to concern Weight Watchers here because the… Read More »

With diet plan stress management

Breakfast: Old-fashioned oatmeal with skim milk; blueberries ; and mixed, unsalted nuts. We may feel less energetic, and this lack of energy can affect our productivity and stress levels. Aim to drink at least According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the average woman needs about 2. Making healthful food choices and… Read More »