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England’s Covid R rate stays FLAT amid signs outbreak is now slowing

UK Covid cases jump 50% in a week and deaths tick upwards: Infections soar ABOVE second peak in Scotland where outbreak is TWICE size of England’s (but flat hospitalisations fuel hope outbreak is slowing… just not in time to make Freedom Day July 5) Britain’s infection rate is being driven up by a record number… Read More »

Shower warning – ‘clean your belly button properly’ or risk infection – signs of infection

Dr Fiona Worsnop, consultant dermatologist at Stratum Clinics, explained belly button lint is caused by a buildup of debris, such as fibres from clothing, dead skin cells and body hair, in the umbilicus. She continued: “These are normal things which all our skin regularly has contact with, but the hollow of the belly button can… Read More »

‘Brain map cap could flag up early signs of autism and illness in babies’

Conditions such as cerebral palsy and autism often go ­undiagnosed until the age of two and even then there are few tests available to confirm a ­diagnosis. This causes great anxiety for parents and problems for doctors. But now scientists at University College London, led by Dr Rob Cooper, have come up with a simple,… Read More »